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"Above the gravesite looms a large-scale, multi-panel apocryphal drawing on wood panels, embedded with gravestone symbolism and carved to resemble a cemetery gate. Depicting a landscape devoid of trees and divided by railroad tracks leading nowhere, Pettersson seeks to address and tear down figures like Henry Flagler who engineered destruction on a grand scale for vanity and profit. As Confederate statues at last fall, Pettersson’s work topples the equally-deserving industrialists.

In this world devoid of its past only invasive species remain, the ubiquitous starling and the wild boar, brought here by the Spaniards in the 1500s and today one of the worst environmental and agricultural disasters in the country.

Flanking the drawing are two crumbling entrance towers, all that remains of the estate of John Sewell, one of Miami’s founders, now forgotten on the side of the 195 highway."

-from description of In the Pines solo exhibition, Locust Projects, 2020

Also exhibited at The Frank Gallery, as part of Elemental: Terra, Tide and Time, Pembroke Pines, 2022

Never Any More At This Place
Never Any More At This Place
charcoal drawing on hand carved and burnt wood panels
8 x 24 feet