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Pinus Elliotti var densa is the Latin for South Florida’s Slash Pine or Dade County Pine. Once the dominant tree that grew here along the Miami Rock Ridge, it is the canopy species binding the Pine Rockland forest. A totally unique habitat, the Pine Rockland developed not just to tolerate but actually thrive our harsh conditions of drought, flood and especially fire. Even more amazing, it grows on the oolite limestone itself. Thus the Slash Pine is a wondrous creature worthy of awe and respect. Now considered one of the most endangered forest in the world, the Lone Giant is more alone than ever. So whenever I am fortunate enough to be in its presence I like to put my hand on its bark and say out loud,
“I See You”.

Pinus Elliottii Var Densa, The Lone Giant
Pinus Elliottii Var Densa, The Lone Giant
archival woodcut ink print on handmade Korean paper
25.5 x 25 inches