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The Ralph Munroe Miami Marine Stadium
HD single channel video
running time 2:18

I grew up in Miami and went to water ski shows at the stadium as a kid, but only learned its person of dedication because of the Miami Marine Stadium Seat Art Project. My subsequent study into the life of Ralph Munroe proved to be a serendipitous endeavor. I have long enjoyed local history, and anyone delving into Miami’s past should know him, and this is especially true to understanding the Marine Stadium’s hallowed position on the bay. Before Flagler’s train, Munroe’s pioneer era existed solely upon Biscayne Bay. His love of boating and his experience designing and racing them on the bay in those wild years, makes him the ideal character for the legacy of Miami Marine Stadium, and its hope for the future.

My video and photographs, taken underwater at adjoining Virginia Key, as if the chair landed there in a storm, are overlaid with his fictionalized obituary, which I pieced together from Miami Herald archives.