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I Am My Own Circus, I Am My Own Legend
HD Video

We live in an age of diminishing returns. The great beasts are disappearing and nowhere is the world untouched or unmarred. I am reminded of an earlier era, when our separation from the natural world first became apparent. The era of the circus represents that moment in history when the natural world had diminished to the point that it could be introduced again as an exotic and foreign menagerie. A wild world unrelated to our own human existence. Florida was home to the greatest circuses in the world, at the height of its glory. Nowadays even that seems faraway. In this video I circumvent the stage and return the circus to the wild. Now a solitary experience, even in it's artifice it becomes real to me again.

Atitudes in Latitudes: The Northern Wild Explores the Tropics,
Art Center, Miami Beach, FL