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A Little Swamp Romance
Miami Book Fair
Swamp Tent
Shadow Puppet Performance

Once upon a time…in a land very near…was a swamp that was not actually a swamp but a living river. . .”

Join Alma Dance Theatre and Christina Pettersson for a vaudeville-esque extravaganza using shadow puppetry, slide projection, live dance, live narration, and musical accompaniment by Shira Abernale in this charming example of magical-realism.

This Everglades version of Homer's The Odyssey stars Eli Peck as Aloysius the Alligator, and features Cristy Almaida and Dan Walker on overhead projection. Select imagery via Obsolete Media Miami. Thanks also goes to Christin Paige Minnotte and Bill Bilowit for documentation.

Part of the Book Fair's local's only Swamp Tent.
Funded by the Knight Foundation.