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No Wealth, No Ruin, No Silver, No Gold, Nothing Satisfies Me But Your Soul
aged and charred wood, mourning wear, candleabra
49" x 47" x 151"
A Hoary Medieval Clamor of Tin Pots, Cat-Calls & Chaotic Drumming
found gates from abandoned Southern homes, waxed intestinal cord
96" x 72" x 48"
The Illustrated Alphabet of Memory
graphite on books
Scope Art Fair, Miami, Spinello Gallery
The Illustrated Alphabet of Memory
graphite on books, bed
Hollywood Art and Culture Center
The Last Look
single channel video looped, crystals hand grown on found ocean objects
373 sounds for anne sexton or god is in your typewriter
double projection, 29 typewriters (the number of sounds narrated in the video and my age at the time of the video), papers on which is typed 373 sounds (the number of poems Anne Sexton wrote in her lifetime), rug